Project:  Pure am Praterstern

Product: Branding, Website, Photography

For: Pure am Praterstern Restaurant | Rottenschlager Consulting & PR GmbH

In cooperation with: Rottenschlager Consulting & PR GmbH, Camila Watson Rodriguez

Place: Vienna

Date: 09/2022


A new, vegetarian restaurant with local produce opened on Vienna’s Praterstern. We had the pleasure to create their corporate identity and photos.

Their philosophy to create sustainable and natural food, while offering highest quality is what we were trying to convey with our corporate design.

The U in pure can be used as V as in vegetarian and displays the versatility and creativity with which spectacular food variations are created from simple ingredients.
Additionally, the low cut of the U emphasizes the roots and connection to earth.

A responsible and sustainable concept for the future of gastronomy. We are more than happy to be a small part of it.