Project: MEI MEIDLING for Vienna Design Week

Graphic Design: (visual) Corporate Identity

For: EIGENSINN by Sigrid Mayer

Place: Vienna

Date: 25.09.2020

Displayed: At VDW, from 25.09. to 04.10.2020


Mei Meidling“ is an initiative to replant vegetation in one of Viennas greyest concrete jungles, the „Meidlinger Markt“. 

With viennese humor the design aims to address neighbors to participate and turn Meidling into an urban oasis.

Our designs aim to catch the eye, while visually telling a tale of a potential future through the eyes of the initiatives founder, DI Sigrid Mayer.

The support from our side included all print graphics to display the project at Vienna Design Week.

Our graphics aim to be as participative as the „Mei Meidling“ initiative itself.