Eva Blut, Corolla Small, fashion campagne, green, blue, creative photography in vienna

Project: AW20/21

Photography: Product


Place: Lower Austria

Date: 07.05.2020

Displayed: @eva.blut

upside down bag by eva blut, corolla small, creative photpgraphy concept

EVA BLUT is an innovative and conceptual fashion and accessory design label, based in Vienna.

The founder’s unique approach to designing bags has made her design exclusive and versatile.

bag by eva blut, corolla small, photography concept, design studio in vienna

It highlights multi-functionality in a classy,
yet humorous manner.

photoshop magic, eva blut corolla small, illusion, atelier nova

creative brand design, fashion photography, illusion

fashion campagne, photography, atelier nova

eva blut, creative fashion photography, atelier nova, nora forsthuber, vanessa tahödl

mirrors in the sky, eva blut bag, reflection, photography design vienna

shadow, creative photography, shadow holding a bag, eva blut